Diesel Gas Cycle

Diesel Gas Africa Warranty

2 Year / 300 000 Km Warranty Optional 3 Year Warranty at Nominal Premium per annum LP Gas Cylinders 10 Year Lifespan Underwritten by Hollard Insurance Cover up to R 1 Million per System


Servicing co-insides with the vehicle Air Filter Service or once per annum Annual System service
36 Month Complete System Pressure test and system functionality test

Quality & Safety Not Negotiable

Standards Overview South Africa Levels of Compliance Affiliation to Bodies: LPGSASA, SABS, EU, Asian Pacific Vehicle Installation Skid Installation Forecourt Dispensing Service and Maintenance Decommissioning procedures, Skid, Vehicle

System Operation

The system blends LP GAS with the Diesel normally injected in to the engine. In-order to achieve this, the controller measures the MAP (Manifold Absolute Pressure) on turbo charged vehicles and TP (throttle position) on normally aspirated engines. The MAP is the positive pressure created in the manifold under laden or torque conditions. TP, as the phrase states, is the exact position of the throttle at any stage of the engine operation. The MAP / TP vs. engine revolutions are measured in the FUMIGATION DELIVERY CHART. Every cell in the chart can be changed to deliver the optimum gas injection for the specific MAP / TP vs. RPM. The value in each cell does represent the percentage of gas injected but a numeric value, ranging from 24 - 80, determining the duty cycle of the injector.